We provide solutions that enable mothers to recover from childbirth, bond with their newborn babies, and ensure quality living for their children.

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Our Postpartum Care Solutions

Professional Omugwo

Are you worried that grandma will not be around for Omugwo by the time you give birth? Perhaps she’ll be around but you don’t want to stress her because she’s getting old and may be unable to cope with the demands of postpartum care? Or is daddy not available to support you with kisses, warm hugs and chores? Don’t worry; our certified Nurses, Midwives and Experienced Grandmas are on standby to relieve you so you can have peace of mind and bond beautifully with your newborn. Depending on your needs, we can send you someone to stay awake caring for baby throughout the night while you sleep. Otherwise, we can send someone to care for baby throughout the day while you do whatever you like. Residential Omugwo professionals are also available.

Verified Househelps

Just like chefs are dedicated to caring for kitchen and stomach affairs, we think that househelps should be hired to handle chores like cleaning, washing toilet, sweeping, mopping, etc., while Omugwo professionals should be dedicated to caring for mother and child affairs. This is a proactive measure aimed at reducing the likelihood of Omugwo professionals sleeping on duty because they’re tired from doing household chores. It will interest you to know that we have comprehensively verified and health-insured househelps who are available to work as often as you need their services. Simply get in touch by calling us on +234 818 288 3218, sending a mail to info@reliefhelps.com, chatting with us via the live chat icon on this website, or via our contact form.

Spicy Meals

Hot, spicy meals are known to help new mothers recover fast from childbirth. The uterus needs these meals in order to bounce back to shape. Apart from meals, new mothers are advised to drink warm water instead of cold water, as one of the measures towards faster healing. Our postpartum recovery team at ReliefHelps knows the right combination and quantity of ingredients to use for popularly recommended postpartum meals. With this knowledge, we put in best efforts to ensure that our recovery meals are deliciously effective! So whether you prefer asun or peppersoups, all you have to do is chat with us via the live chat icon at the bottom of your screen and we’ll send some your way.

Closet Recycling

Babies grow really fast! And a lot of mothers unknowingly buy too many clothes, shoes and toys for a single stage of their children’s physical growth and mental development. As a result of this, a lot of mothers are often stuck with such things that their children can no longer use. On the other hand, some mothers spend a lot of money to buy really nice clothes and shoes for their children, only to get home and discover that the children won’t be needing those things for a long time because they’re oversized! So they’re stranded because they lack money to buy things that their children need immediately. Closet Recycling is the solution to this problem, lovingly designed by ReliefHelps.

Family Photoshoots

We know that daddies are also involved in making and caring for babies. So even though they’re not the ones directly enjoying things like surprise treats or body massages and delicious spicy meals, our family photoshoots are designed to create a special bond between them, their wives, and their newborn babies. From providing mutual support while a photoshoot is ongoing, to sitting together as a family to reflect on the treasured moments captured in high definition pictures, our photoshoots are priceless!

Suprise Treats

Is there a new baby in your life? Daughter? Son? Niece? Nephew? Sibling? Cousin? In-law? Why not send a surprise treat to the baby and new mother? We can help you put together any ideas you have in mind, and deliver right on time to their hospital or home. If you want, we can add asun, peppersoups and photo documentary to any colourful combination of gifts, cakes, balloons and such. Simply chat with us via the live chat icon at the bottom of your screen, and we’ll start putting your surprise treat together.

About ReliefHelps

We provide postpartum care solutions that enable mothers to recover from childbirth, bond with their newborn babies, and ensure quality living for their children. Below are some of our postpartum care solutions. Professional Omugwo Body Massage Ear Piercing Umbilical Stomp…..

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