When will you leave the hospital after your baby arrives?

Oh, the excitement of meeting your bundle of joy for the very first time! You can almost cut through the magnitude of love that saturates the atmosphere as you stare at your little one, cutely snuggled up and yours to nurture.

Your world feels completely different as a first time or experienced mum and whether you had one baby or more, you most likely want to go home already and get over with the hospital environment for the time being. But try to be patient with the medical practitioners monitoring you and your baby; they’re genuinely just trying to ensure that you’re healthy enough to be discharged.

Stay at the hospital for as long as they recommend, and ask as many questions as you want concerning how you feel, how to care for your baby, or what you should do in order to avoid Postpartum complications. Cooperate with the nurses, doctors or midwives as often as they come around to monitor things like your temperature, blood pressure, feet, legs, ankles, and the rate at which your uterus is shrinking back to shape. Do not stress yourself for any reason whatsoever and gladly accept any form of help that is available to you.

While applying these tips with a relaxed state of mind, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your additional time after delivery at the hospital will fly and voila! You’ll be right back in the comfort of your home.

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