Baby Shopping List: Read this before shopping for your Baby

Babies need a lot of things… Do they?

A lot of expectant mothers buy clothes, shoes, toys and other things that their babies may never use because of rapid physical growth and mental development.

From adding items to the shopping carts of online stores to combing through local markets for the most unique things that will make their children stand out, expectant mothers usually go on the most impulsive shopping sprees, and first-time mothers are more guilty of this.

Shopping soon? You can go right ahead and buy a truckload of things but to be on the safe side, do not buy too too much for a single stage because as you know, babies do grow fast! So instead of spending a 20k budget on things for 0-3 months, consider buying 5k worth of things for 0-3 months, 5k worth of things for 3-6 months, 5k worth of things for 6-9months, and 5k worth of things for 9-12 months. You can always top-up as time goes by.

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